happy belated birthday (:

Thank you :-) x

Well, that was the shittiest birthday in the world. I asked for three things, Guitar hero, a Chinese takeaway and for Scott to stay over. 

Oh and my phone charger broke last night.

Guitar hero came broken, which I am sincerely pissed about, and Scott didn’t end up staying over. 
I got reasonably drunk last night and I’m now regretting it due to having college this morning, however I’m trying to look on the bright side. I’m seeing my wonderful best friend later who apparently has birthday presents for me, when I get home tonight I’m going to sit and hopefully, (fingers crossed) play guitar hero, and also do the same tomorrow night. And then on Saturday my dad is taking me out for a meal, and apparently buying me stuff, if he doesn’t get bored after half an hour and leave like last year, haha. 

And then on Saturday after seeing my dad, I plan to go home, get my stuff together, and go to Scotts. 

What a shitty birthday :) 

Shitty start to the day already, I hate birthdays

Laying in bed on the night before my birthday watching sister act, then for a shower, get into pyjamas and change my bed sheets and duvet, and then I must sleep so I’m ready for college in the mornin:(

"Being apart from someone either makes you realise that you didn’t need them or that you can’t live without them."

I need a fucking job for now if this is the case

Aw in a week and five days I’ve been with my boy for 9 months :’))